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    Contributor nanito13's Avatar
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    thanks a lot can you please post some more ?

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    Registered User eclipse5582's Avatar
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    Hello i'm french and my english is very very bad

    Thanks for this!

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    Contributor juliamoron's Avatar
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    Thanks yours themes are very cool

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    Sweet, need some more love for my Ps3. Thanks.

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    Thanks for this mate, great themes in here. Quick question, how hard is it to decrypt these themes? I have several Dark Souls themes from the japanese store that I sniffed out with Charles but I have no idea how to decrypt them in order for them to work on other PS3s (without having to activate).

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    at Zentusken, those are what I'm looking for! no it's not hard at all. you have two options:

    1) install reactpsn 2.20 and make backup rif files to usb, then upload them along with the edat files of the theme. then anyone can reactivate those on a ps3. search for detailed guides

    2) you can use the tool here to decrpyt the edat, not sure if it works or not, never tried it.

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    Very nice.. thank you
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    Thanks pr0p0sitionJOE I long ago I was looking for these themes.

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    thank you very much I love dynamic themes

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