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    PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.51 to Fix 2.5 B&W Forcing 60Hz Issues?

    Last week we reported on PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 2.51 for Demo units, however, until now all we could do was speculate on what changes it offered.

    According to Product-Reviews (linked above), it appears as if Sony's PS3 2.51 (or next) Firmware update will be fixing the 2.50 black and white issues that seem to be caused by the PlayStation 3 forcing your TV to 60Hz.

    This problem is apparently to do with older TV's and does not affect HDTV's or some models of PS3, as one PR user said that it can be corrected by going to video settings and scrolling all the way to the bottom and change the 50Hz setting from auto to 50Hz.

    To quote: Thought I'd give Sony a ring too. They confirmed that they do know about it and the next patch will fix it. The only thing they couldn't do is say when that patch would come out. But the rep said it was likely to be in a couple of weeks.

    So good news that it will be fixed, and it sounds like, although not imminent, it will be sooner rather than later. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    i dont have any of these problems with fw 2.50

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    i don't either.. I've already had lots of grief with the ps3

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    I havn't had any problem over hear with my Standard Definition Tv i wonder what happens when the black and white comes in on your tv?

    Anyone here even have a problem with the 2.50 framework update?