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I got two systems. Each have been reballed with leaded balls by me and each are the same systems. It is a xenon motherboard in each. One is jtag and runs freestyle, it isn't banned from live.

I wouldnt use it on live tho. The jtag one comes with a 20gb Hard drive. The other is a flasher DVD drive in it and can go on live. However this means burning DVDs. The first one to buy the one will get the cords to the unit. Power and av. No controllers.

100 each shipped. Or 200 for the pair. OBO.

The last unit is a corona 4th internal hard drive. Kinect, one controller, original box and manuals. It has a cr3lite rgh chip in it and boot times are great. Never been hooked up to live. This unit will allow you to play backups from a hd. Also comes with 4 kinect games.

Asking 250 plus shipping. OBO.

I will add some pictures of them if anyone is interested in them.

If anyone wants all three units. Say 450 shipped.