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    Contributor Daniluvkari's Avatar
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    how can i buy this service? downgrade from 4.25 to 3.55?

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    Hey racer I was sent here by hilongo to see if you could you verify this dump as a good dump please? I have checked it and I think it is fine but want pro check. It is a slim on 4.31 no problems just want to install cfw. Thanks
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    i have a Phat console 60gb nand with only like 40 hours of playtime on it, but its on OFW 4.25, the question is, should i sell it and buy a slim for downgrade or just downgrade the phat?

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    Hey racer, I have a 40GB phat nor ps3, model CECHH04. Its running on OFW 4.31 and I want to downgrade and install a CFW on it.
    I hope that you're stii doing this service...

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    services requested

    hay i have a 60GB BC PS3 i bricked not following directions for the rebug rex 4.21 CFW its blue screened and needs to be repaired with no NAND dump to recover with.. i also have an 80GB BC PS3 that has some fubar USB ports with a USB port donar YLOD 60GB BC motherboard

    1) what would be the cost of unbricking the 60GB i would also want/buy a progskeet (probably the newest one available) left installed so i can dump my NAND and recover on my own

    2) the cost of a USB port swap from my YLOD 60GB to my 80GB BC with fubar USB ports also with a progskeet installed for future prevention purposes

    3) an idea i have been pondering is a dual NAND PS3 perhaps both PS3's dual NAND im unsure yet but it would be nice to run one PS3 on current firmware and a CFW and another with both CEX/DEX firmwares. this would probably be a later decision after the above listed

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    i wonder if he still doing downgrading for ps3 o.o

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    Who knows... but read from others that charge $30-$50 for this kind of thing, plus you make your own delivery arrangements. Would be nice to know if anyone still does this I guess. So if this helps you then follow the link for PM racer.


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    How much for a ps3 fat downgrade and jailbreak ? Can be downgraded to 2.25. Let me know if possible.

    Thanks Matthew

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    I just sent off 23 ps3s today and have a few more to do and will start again to have more sent to me. I opened it up for a few mins saying i would take some more well i got about 60 messages in about an hour. So i will do it again real soon. thanks

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    well if it ever calms down please pm and i'll gladly have it done.. lol...

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