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    Banned User darksaber712's Avatar
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    sonix god of war tool

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    This was on the site before and I lost it. I would like to get it back. The site utilities is not up yet. thx.

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    Attached below, with Tutorial too!
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    thanks this helps alot.

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    It rips out the bonus movies, but Darthn8iths rip tutorial show you how to make a second disc with the bonus movies, but without the in game movies.

    Is that rip tutorial on post 2 Northerpimp's rip tutorial?

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    I've made a back up GOW with sonix it works all the way through no problems. Played for 10hrs. Now does anybody know how to use Darthn8iths tutorial. I've used it twice now and I keep getting a final ISO of 20.6MB. My mistakes i think are coming from the relinking part. I could use some help. Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks for the tutorial, it rocks!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by darksaber712
    I've made a back up GOW with sonix it works all the way through no problems.
    Yeah Darksaber712 did the game freeze at any point, because the loading sign appears after I get one of the two necklaces and it just idles there.

    I used Northernpimp's rip tutorial and this is what happend, I am not the only one this has happened too!

    The freeze happens after you obtain the second necklace key in the room with all the spikes, when you exit the cave, drop down the rope, and head into the next cave the game freezes. From here I can open the cd tray, close the tray and after a few more stutters it unfreezes, however onces I cross the cirular spinning bridges I freeze again exiting the cave and have not been able to get passed this freeze.

    I have tried the rip twice and the same thing happens.

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    the sonix rip work all the way through. I beat the game on normal. There are a few spot in pandora's temple the game freezes for only 10-15 sec. But it works.

    the sonix rip and the confusion release are different. sonix is just the game and nothing else. Confusion release has the game and the Challenge of the Gods bonus game. The challenge of the Gods game is very tough but fun
    to play. You just can't save in the middle of the game you must complete the whole challenge in one sitting.
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    Okay, I got it to work becasue I just said to the heck with it and I let the game load for about 4 minutes and it finally loaded and I beat the game in an hour.


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