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    Contributor bigmix007's Avatar
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    how to get on efnet

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    i am trying to acess the ps2onwz efnet site but it won't let me log on

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    Make sure your IRC client is connected to an EFnet (not FEFnet or anything else) server and join the #ps2ownz channel. If you could post a more specific question, it would help, as there really isn't anything you "log into" with IRC.

    If you're using the IRC chat section of this site, post your results in the Site Support - JAVA IRC Chat thread.

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    it says i am banned and i have never been to the site before

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    Try it again, post the nick you were using, and stay on IRC so we can help you work it out. It may just be part of your hostmask, or it may be something more difficult to fix.

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    bigmix007 is my nick

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    Your host mask needs to be changed (e-mail in IRC client) as it's currently ~none and that is banned on the BOTs.

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    how do i do that

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    Log off, change the e-mail address, and log back on IRC... then re-join the channel.

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