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Introducing the revolutionary new Ghost Case for PSTwo v12 Slimline consoles! Our affiliates at [Register or Login to view links] let us know of this exciting new advance in PSTwo case design... the ONLY ones with a built-in "Ghost" switch used to bypass the PSTwo 'detection' system for playing PS2 Imports and LEGAL game back-ups with the Swap Magic (or USB Extreme) discs.

[Register or Login to view links] ships from California, and they average a 1-4 day delivery time to ANYWHERE in the USA- with ALL orders including delivery confirmation of course! The Ghost Cases are also the absolute highest quality, and the plastics are so pure they are the only company in the world who can produce cases that literally look like glass... whereas others are made of low-grade cloudy plastics.

Best of all, with the Ghost Case you can easily replace your original black PSTwo Slimline case within 2 MINUTES! Only 7 screws for an easy install, simply remove the 6 screws on the bottom of the PSTwo, 1 inside, and put the unit into your new clear Ghost Case! Available colors currently include clear, blue, pink, green, orange, and purple... and the cost? Only $35 with SAME-DAY shipping from [Register or Login to view links]! More to come soon on these VERY cool Ghost Cases!
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