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    [Answered] Yabasic on the PS3?

    Hey everyone, just wanted to let yous know that the Yabasic programming language works on the PS3. Does anyone remember this from the PS2 Demo disk? It works on fw 1.8 - 1.9. on a Pal machine but Im assuming it also works with NTSC machines, Its a real basic language with no sound except a beep.

    What I found interesting is that the wireless controller and the BT remote both work with it. I was playing a simple snake game using it. you can use a usb keyboard to type in your code and you can even save it to the internal memory card so if anyone wants to have fun making a simple homebrew and watching it run on the PS3, have fun.

    Lol, I finally got "HELLO WORLD" to run on the ps3. to bad it wasnt through an exploit Maybe somebody can make some use from this. maybe to get the BT remote or controller working in linux or something. Just thought some people might find this interesting.

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    yeah, i remember it, it was great! their web site is where you can download more games and stuff for it!

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    Smile Yabasic

    Yep, been playing with it on my PS3, and PS2. I've posted some saves you can d/l to PS3 and use.