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    [Answered] Would it be possible to make guitar work on xbox and ps3?


    I've ps3 my budy has xbox360 and we wanna play guitar hero, but guitar for xbox doesn't work on ps3 and vice versa. Why would anyone with a right mind make two guitars instead of a universal one for both consoles?

    I see this device XCM Cross Battle Adapter Plus that allows you to play on ps3 with xbox controller, so would it be possible to use it?

    I don't really know mush about electronic devices but maybe someone with better knowledge could tell me if there are any chances to modify a guitar to make it work on both consoles?


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    Well, the Ps3 uses the Bluetooth signal and the Xbox 360 2.4 GHZ, so i guess Its Not possible to build a guitar fo both.

    Greets Modmate

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    Erm - guitars (and majority of other musical add ons / instruments like DJ Hero) are actually using their own proprietary USB dongles, often with integrated 2 port hub rather than direct connection to either PS3, PS2, Xbox 360 or Wii. They're sadly not interchangeable - both dongles as well as instruments - as they each despite being identical in design and construction contain console specific buttons like PS, Start, Select etc.

    In principle it's not impossible to change from one to another but the effort and most of the cost is usually not worth it and I'd suggest simply to purchase additional instrument for the specific console if you're really planing to play regularly with a friend - second hand are quite affordable or some older games with bundled instruments