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    [Answered] Will Sony give us back OtherOS?

    Letīs say that jailbreak wins over sony. Will sony release an update giving us back Linux?

    My answer: No, sony will not admit the loss.

    and you guys? what do you think?

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    I agree, Sony has no intention of giving back OtherOS... it will be up to the hackers to do that probably.

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    As much as I hate to say it, Sony would never, ever do that. Probably because it is a known security flaw. Why reopen it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkAntiMatter View Post
    As much as I hate to say it, Sony would never, ever do that. Probably because it is a known security flaw. Why reopen it?
    Thats what I think, too ! Why they should ? They will never allow us to install Linux again to our console, it is too mighty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergiopa View Post
    No, sony will not admit the loss.
    I agree and I curse Sony everyday since they remove it, because of this, I don't and won't update my PS3 (current version 3.15) until something like a major hack bring other OS feature again, damn you Sony!!!

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    Never Sony will not gives us back otherOS & PS2 Backwards Compatibility, even when they have to burn in hell for cheating their customers by advertising the features which they removed after teasing their customers.

    Sony is only good at removing features in past...
    1) PS2 FAT -> PS2 Slim (HDD support removed)
    2) PSP FAT -> PSP Slim (Infrared port removed) -> PSP GO (UMD Drive removed)
    3) PS3 20GB,60GB,Older 80GB FAT -> PS3 40GB,80GB,160GB (PS2 Backwards Compatibility removed) -> PS3 Slim (OtherOS removed also from PS3 FAT after fw 3.21)

    So keep in mind Sony only knows how to removes features not to add any.
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    doesn't look likely Sony doesn't cares whether we want it or not. I mean they did lie at first and say they were not going to remove it and then bam! removed it. i never updated dated seeing as I hardly play my ps3.

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    perhaps we can "play" linux in game-mode (homebrew) with full speed and no restrictions !

    or ps2-emu for all models

    who knows


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    According to my Magic Crystal Ball, Sony will not give back otheros, they will just remove more features and create an even more crippled machine...

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    do not update your fat ps3 and you will not lose otherOS. if you want the update features, then get a second ps3 for that. if you say thats a waste of money, I cant blame you, but ps3s are getting more affordable... so you decide. if you want ps2 backward compatibility just buy a 60gb fat ps3.


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