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    Question [Answered] Why are some games not working with the PS3 Hack?

    Soo hey there, my first thread, question, whatever (:

    I was searching for it the last few days, but got no answer, so i decided to ask here at ps3news
    My 2 questions are:

    1.) Why are some games not compatible with the PS3 Hack and some backup-managers. Games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2, or the new prince of Persia: The forgotten Sands.

    2.) Sooo, is there any chance to get these games work or not.

    Don't know if it's already been answered , but I would really appreciate some helpful answers.



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    1) An explanation was covered in this article update:

    2) Since then a temporary work-around has been found, see here: