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    [UnAnswered] Why must games be decrypted to work with Backup Manager?

    Why must games be decrypted by backup manager to be bootable? The way I understand it the Backup Manager mounts a game folder of the hdd to the physical BluRay drive (similar to Virtual CD on PC).

    Then you can launch the mounted game from the XMB. The PS3 "thinks" it is a real BluRay, the files of the game are signed too.
    If the PS3 takes it as a real BluRay why will the game have to be unencrypted?

    I don't see the logic in this. Game updates also seem to see that a mounted game is not a real bluray.

    Can anyone clearify how the Backup Manager operates?
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    Because if you don't have the key, the files which normally contain music, textures, EBOOT etc. are just random bytes.

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    i think the point is that you turn your ps3 to a debug-station with a jb. that's why you can only install and use debug patches of games.
    basically retail games won't work with a jb, so you need to decrypt them.

    correct me if i'm wrong.