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    Stick Out Tongue [Answered] When will there be a PSP Emulator for PS3?

    When will there be a PSP Emulator for PS3??

    I have been looking high and low for a PSP emulator for the PS3 and I have been asking around but still have not found out anything yet if there will ever be a emulator to play PSP roms or ISO's on the PS3.

    I have a couple PSP ISO's that I want to play on my PS3.

    Please let me know if anyone has any info on this.


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    Remote play you could... if you have a PSP... If you don't however you would likely have to wait awhile as to my knowledge there isn't one at currently- There was a " fake release" claiming to be a psp emulator for ps3 a year or so ago that did nothing other than to brick good believing users consoles, but no real psp emulator I am afraid...

    And furthermore Dimmudroid is only that was working on one, as you can see here: but he seems to have ceased work on that..
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