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    Question [Answered] Upgrading 12 GB harddrive that came with my PS3 help?


    I am from India - Mumbai. I have bought a new PS3 this week I have bought following stuff - Sony PS3 12GB with Move Starter Pack & Move Game

    I loaded around 2-3 demo games today and hard drive is completely full, please help me how to add a new hard drive to this PS3 ?
    Please provide some solutions, where I can do things myself and not with help of any engineers, as they charge me not less then 20$ per visit here.

    Can I add some external hard drive or internal drive ? Please let me know

    Can you also let me know the list of hard drives I can install with my PS3 ? AND/OR External drive types which can be added ?

    Also let me know some guide/tutorial to install drives as per your suggestions


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    You can put every 2,5' HDD into you PS3. You can backup your Content onto a USB drive

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    Toshiba labtop SATA HDD is the most common, as long as you have slim or superslim you can install upto 1Tb check this guide:

    P.S: its always good to upgrade, but not when it comes to firmware lol.
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    You cannot install any hdd at the moment. Sony did not includes the hdd tray on 12gb skus in order for the consumer to buy the official hdd from Sony which currently is not available for sale.