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    [Answered] Updating CFW PS3 does not see new CFW help?

    hi there my ps3 .3.55 cfw and i going to update to 4.30 cfw. my ps3 is in recovery mode at the min but i does not see the cfw the new one says there is now update on the usb or some thing like that. i have got the folders like this:


    also had it like PS3\UPDATE\Rogero_CEX_4.30_v2.05.PUP

    but does not see the update the usb stick is def working as used to install mm on it today with the stick

    can some one please advice me whats wrong?


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    Yea the last thing is wrong it must be PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP and nothing more on root of a fat 32 formatted usb stick most right port