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    [Answered] Unsplitting PS3 Game help?

    i have a ps3 game on my internal hdd and when i copy the game to my external hdd it splits the game and it makes it unbootable, and i would like to know if there is anyway to unsplit the game so it can be bootable.

    btw i'm using Gaia manager on wutangurza CFW.
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    Best Answer - Posted by madmax69
    Moving from internal to external in multiman should work.

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    The reason the game splits is because your game has a 4GB+ File, and Fat32 HDDs don't support files over 4GB.

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    You can try using the MultiMan with BDEMU2.PKG installed. It is supposed to allow split games to play, though I have never tried it. I'm also not sure if it will work on a WT firmware, you may have to switch to Kmeaw to try it. It might be easier to just leave it on your internal to play it.

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    Moving from internal to external in multiman should work.