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    Exclamation [UnAnswered] unlock blu-ray DVD

    Hi people, my Girlfriend bought me my PS3 on a recent trip to Hong Kong... can anyone point me in the right direction as to how i can unlock the blu-ray dvd to multi region... please help


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    You can't, at least not yet.

    If you want to watch a Blu-Ray, you need to rip it, then re-encode it, and then it will be playable on your PS3.

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    And, wtf is a blu-ray DVD?? You mean a Blu-Ray disc, a DVD is a completely different standard of optical disc. Sorry to be picky, I just am, I have a 'thing' with people not using words, name, phrases etc, properly.

    But, as CJPC said, you can't directly unlock the drive region but you can recode the media to the correct region to play, or just rip it and play it from a HDD not from a disc.

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    um like they said Blu Ray drives are currently locked to a certain region.. and so are the movies but games so far have not been region locked allowing you to play different region ps3 games.