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    [Answered] Unknown USB after update to Psgroove Hermes v3?


    I have ps jailbreak USB before this its worked with PS3 and also show on Pc but yesterday i update the USB from its provided software with Psgroove Hermes v3 "at90usbkey_at90usb1287_8Mhz.hex" now after that its didn't work with PS3 and also on PC its show Unknown Device and didn't detect on software also.

    I open the usb and its write ATMEGA32-16AU on the board, Please help me how do i solve this problem.

    Screen-shot also attach for the problem, Any help really appreciated.
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    The screenshot shows the app for PS Jailbreak 2 is that what you have?

    Also have you installed the necessary drivers?

    Also is it compatible for your device?
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    As above but if you have installed the drivers delete them and install them again, its defo driver related as I got that message when I 1st plugged my maximus in before installing the drivers