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Thread: UC2 lockups?

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    [Answered] UC2 lockups?

    I got Uncharted 2 for Christmas and have been experiencing many glitches with it... I've only played it twice and have had both sound issues and lock ups. The sound issues seem random - the sound will just get locked into a short loop and effects, voices are not heard at all.

    Twice though, right after I find the jade lamp and then have to run through the sewers to escape from the tower it locks up - same spot. Right when I get to the ladder, climb up and hit triangle to open the lid it locks...I cannot do anything except turn it off.

    I had to download updates for it when I first played the other day... but obviously they didn't fix much. Anyone know if there's another patch coming or is there anything I can do to make the game playable? I'm going to return it and get something better (working) if I can't get past this spot...

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    Any other games making trouble ? Afaik the latest patch for UC2 was just about the MP part of the game (tags, loading times etc.) but may help.