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    [UnAnswered] Trying to upgrade my ps3break firmware help?


    I bought 1 of the " PS3BREAK V1.0" from last time, recently i see most of the game that recently release require FW 3.5. Will my ps3break able to update the firmware?


    I tried to upgrade my ps3break firmware and yet my window xp cant detect the ps3break (i went into device manager and cant see any ATUSB name)


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    well your first mistake was buying 1.0... As far as I understand, you can't return it.

    I bought the 1.2, and it was real easy to upgrade.. I suggest contacting the seller and asking for an exchange.

    Also.. Do NOT upgrade to 3.5... jailbreak currently only works with 3.41...

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    yes you should have bought the 1.2 but because of the upgrade issues with 1.0, but never fear them issues where overcome go to and download all the latest files from the ps3break v1.0 burner area. there's also a pdf file with full instructions on how to upgrade.