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    [Answered] transfering trophies from jailbroken Ps3 to normal Ps3?

    just wondering if this is possible. here's the situation.

    i have a jailbroken ps3 with a heap of games on it now and so i've been accumulating a lot of trophies. i also have a brand new ps3 that i brought specifically to play GT5 on.

    it is basically untouched, im just wondering if there is anyway to transfer the trophies over without risking being banned on the new ps3?

    any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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    Nope it would require you to log into PSN to synchronize the trophies to your account which end up getting you banned. Unlike game saves they can't be transferred using a USB.

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    Seriously! so you can never log in into psn after the ps3 is hacked -__- wow