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    [Answered] Switching Managers help?

    I used the default manager on the P3Hub website (that is the jailbreak device I have) which was Open Manager. That seemed to be the very basic one and for the game DB RG 2 to work the only option is apparently to use Gaia Manager 1.03.1 (or newer if one exists) after a little modifying.

    It was easy enough to find it and install it, it even gave the option to select the previous Open Manager game directory so I wouldn't have to transfer all my files.

    But here is the issue: I don't want multiple managers installed. I want to keep things clean. How do I transfer my GAMEZ folder from to the other without having to transfer all the files by FTP to my computer then back again? FTP programs don't seem to allow me to move files or modify file names, they just say "unimplemented or invalid command". They allow creating new files on the PS3 HDD and deleting them.

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    Use comgenies awesome file manager to move your game directory to a new location. you can also use multiMAN which is a Game manager AND file manager together