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    [Answered] Stuck at Recovery mode, need some help?

    Hi all,

    I have some problem with my PS3 hard drive and last thing i was trying to do was to enter recovery mode. 1st time i entered with no problems and saw the options in the menu so i try to get some info on Internet and in the meantime i press 1 to reboot thinking that if it worked the 1st time it will work again. Now every time i try to enter it seems not to recognize my PS3 controller for some reason and cant enter the menu. Any suggestions or turn around to fix my PS3.


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    connect it first with the usb like charging it, then open your ps3 enter to recovery menu then press the ps button to open your controller and the push the rebuild database.

    if that is not working connect a usb keybord and make the same, or if and that not work push restore ps3 and this will make your ps3 like the first time you open it, this wiil format your hdd so its yours, tell me if this works for you.
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