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    [Answered] Streaming movies need buffering on PS3?

    I use to access my PC so I am able to play movies that are stored on my PC with my PS3. My problem is for some reason the movies need buffering sometimes in the middle and I don't understand why. It really ruins the movie night. I use DSL with a 6mb DL rate. Is this just not fast enough?

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for software to access your PC from your PS3?

    Also... Is there any chance of PS3 upgrading their web browser?

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    i just use windows media server with vista. But I have found out that movies work better if you copy them to the ps3s hard drive. no buffering runs alot better than strreaming the videos between two devices. because if your pc does some routine things it may slow the streaming video and cause your buffering issues.. not sure about other programs but i hope this helps.

    I haven't heard anything about a new browser for the ps3.
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