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    [UnAnswered] Stereo bluetooth headsets for listening mp3 from ps3

    Hello Everyone.. I didn't find answer so i need your help. I own a stereo bluetooth headsets (motorola S9) which is currently working well in game. But i can't find how use it for listening my music or movie from playstation 3. Is that possible and how set it up ?


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    Don't think its possible unfortunately matey, I think Bluetooth is restricted to voice chat on ps3.

    I could be wrong of course...

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    I have the same headset, but anyway...

    Specifically, the PS3 needs to support the A2DP advanced audio profile, which it currently does not. The S9 is really two separate bluetooth devices in one, A2DP stereo headset and hands-free headset. The PS3 can detect and use the latter.