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Thread: Shrink Ps3 Game

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    [Answered] Shrink Ps3 Game

    Hey I know we are just getting started by hacking the ps3 and stuff like that but i was wondering if anyone knew of a way to shrink down the game size. for example delete the update.pbp or languages that we don't want or anything like that if anyone knows of a way please help me out. Thanks Guys. Oh I am trying to shrink Heavy Rain if you guys wanted to know..

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    Trial & error my friend! Backup your game to PC, then dummy the files you view as unnecessary. What i mean by dummy is make a txt file with a bunch of zeros in it then rename to exact filename your replacing, copy it over and see if your game still works. If game doesn't work properly just replace original files from your backup you made. If you don't want to manually create your dummy files just google "dummy file creator".
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