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    [Answered] Sending a Jailbroken PS3 to Sony?

    I had made a previous thread :

    in which I discovered that my PS3 had GPU overheating damage.

    I decided to have it replaced by Sony. Obviously I'm somewhat scared about what is going to happen, so I wanted to probe your opinions.

    Has anyone sent a previously jailbroken PS3 to Sony? Has anything happened?

    I honestly assume they don't care, and will send back a 3.50 PS3 nonetheless.

    It pains me to lose my homebrew, but I think I'd rather have a working console than a brick.

    Anyone have any info?

    Thanks for your time.

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    If i was you i would go into the hidden menu and do a format and reset all settings. Also format hard drive in pc a few times first.

    Just try to make sure they cannot find any trace.

    Maybe after formatting update your firmware to 3.42, you know they will send you back a updated one anyway.

    That should cover you.

    But they should really fix it, but just do above to make sure.