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    [UnAnswered] Rockband PS3....

    I have to say first and foremost, it's a superb and really enjoyable game. Played it on the 360 a while ago and had no hesitation getting it when it came out in europe.

    What I'm wondering is, does anyone know if it is possible to download the DLC (songs, track packs, albums) for free and install them on your PS3?

    I've downloaded and paid for a few, but I see when you purchase a track it says it can be used on upto 5 PS3's.

    Had a quick browse on the torrent sites and there seems to be a few available but i'm assuming it's for 360, and therefore might be possible through "chipped boxes"?

    cheers in advance.

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    I have been looking myself but not found anything.. I will keep you informed if anything is found.