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    [Answered] Ripped Borderlands 2 but game data corrupted help?

    I ripped my personal copy of Borderlands2, but can't play it. Every different way I've tried, either gives me the "The game data has been corrupted" error, or a black screen.

    Is there any trick to ripping one's own games for playing from HD? Is there any known issue doing this with BL2? I ripped my Uncharted2 and it seems to be fine.

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    just go to the game data utility folder on your ps3 and delete the game data and it will be fixed hopefully

    or if its a black screen just get the original eboot and replace the one on the rip
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    What cfw are you using. I would guess 4.30 but I could be wrong. Thanks

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    I have had Batman Arkham city do this once on 3.55 CFW

    Deleted game data and let it install again and all was fine.

    So could just be same issue

    Or try option 3 in Recovery.. Just could be hdd issue.

    Borderlands 2 works fine on 4.30 v2.30