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    [Answered] Renew License in PS Store help?

    I have successfully used Pkg Installer and FTP to upload psn pkg files to the jail-broken PS3 via Black-box Ftp 1.1b. I then shutdown, remove "jig" and boot machine back up normally. I log in and select the pkg file to install they install just fine.

    They show up as they should or at least how I think they should. When I launch them I get this odd error, perhaps a new copy protection, not discussed on the boards before. Anyway here is the error message:

    "This content can be used if you renew the license/license in PlayStation Store"

    One interesting thing to note is I installed Bomber-man Ultra and uploaded the activation package and it installed correctly and that is the only game that runs perfectly. I ran the act. pkg right after install of game pkg. The Marvel vs. Capcom2 Act pkg installed but game gives same error as above. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

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    So I'm assuming everyone has this issue fixed... ??

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    you need to buy the game..

    read up, it may help you out..
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