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    [Answered] Remote play Psgroove help?

    When i try to connect to my PS3 via PSP remote play, it won't connect. I have tried private net and internet connection, nothing is working. All i get is a black screen with the home button, and after 90 seconds, can not find system registered to.

    When i turn off my ps3, i can cut it on with the PSP and then remote play works. I want it to work with my PS3 jailbroken, anyone have any ideas?

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    Remote play will still work when you don't JB your PS3. Dean said an hour ago he will try and make it work in JB mode and I quote "If there is someone who can send me a PARAM.SFO from a game, which supports "remote play", please do. I'll try to add it."

    Correspond with him on this thread

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    You can edit the parm file and enable remote play for any game.