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    [UnAnswered] Region Locking Question?

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    I was just browsing the games on play.com (uk) and notice that at the bottom of the page, it seems for each game, there is this notice

    Region PAL: Will play on UK and European Playstation3 only

    Rating 15+ (BBFC)

    Players 1/Network

    This was from 'Resistance: Fall Of Man' but is the same for all that i looked at. does anyone know how true this is. I want to get Pro Evo 2008 (uk) but i have a JAP console. Does anyone know if pro evo will be region locked?

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    Its wrong. Its probably likely that the site has a general statement that they put on the bottom of the page for all games, and that the message hasnt changed since they were selling ps2 games; which region coding was an issue for.

    I can assure you that so far no games have region coding enforced, so pro evo will work fine on your console no probs. Thats not to say that region coding could not be used on future games though.

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    Stranglehold US version has actually been confirmed to be region free too.

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