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    Angry [Answered] Rainbow Six Vegas 2 screwed my ps3 help?

    hi, just wanted to know if anyone else had rsv2 screw there ps3 up?

    i tried playin the game went throw all the installs n stuff let me load the game then it froze up. when i rebooted it gave me a error now wont read any games or movies... so i called sony they told me to try and restore it so i did and it work till i put the game back in now doin the same and restore dont work any more...

    anyone have the same problem ? by the way called them back they are sendin me a box so i can send them my ps3 and theyll be sendin me a new ps3 at no charge... but it gonna take 7-15 days after they receive mine... that sux.

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    this happend to friend of mine, but not with RBS2. This happens to alot of PS3's. But he didnt have to send his PS3 to them... they came with a new PS3 and he gave them his. It was like an all in one swap. They came within 3 days. Maybe its because the SONY depo is closer.

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    I had problems with the sound... and sometimes the game crashed... but the the prob with the sound was sooo bad... u couldnt continue because you heared one shot again and again and again (ps3 still workin).

    yea This happens to alot of PS3's...i think the ps3 is too weak for this game.
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