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    [Answered] Qusetion about PS3 jailbreak and psx/ps2 games?

    I have a launch USA ps3 60gb with the first version of psfreedom running from my touch pro 2 phone. When ever the PS3 is in jailbreak mode I cannot play a ps2 or psx game, it wont even show up in the xbm.

    I tried looking at the drive in ftp mode and could see the disk just fine. Im not trying to run burn games or iso they are factory disks. Is the payload doing something to the PSX/ PS2 compatabiltiy?

    I have also read that a backed up Metal Gear Solid 4 would not load on Act 4 and have heard theories about it not working because of jailbreak disabling psx emulation.

    In my case I have a hardware psx/ps2 chips on board and I know there not common but does psx/ps2 hardware or emulation work on any of the jailbreak payloads? Thanks

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    None of them yet.. not to say that they won't in the future, but right now nothing has been written to carry that emulation over.