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    [Answered] Question Regarding External Hard Drive + Multiman

    I just formatted my Lacie drive 1tb into a fat 32 (The Hard Drive is empty). I went to do the backup on multiman of the game that I own all tho I didn't realize nor thought of if I had to create a folder in my hard drive.

    So do i have to create a folder called ps3 or something else in my hard drive or I could just leave it as is?

    Also for some reason multiman was first saying usb 2 on the bottom then said usb 1 or it might of been vice versa is that normal? I've got the drive hooked on the first usb on the left.

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    Create a folder called GAMES in the root of your usb drive. It will probably say USB2 for the drive most of the time because card readers or even the controllers will sometimes take usb1, it is not a problem.