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    [Answered] question about transfer utility?

    i have two ps3s one 60gb at 3.50 and a new slim at 3.41. is it possible to transfer everything from the 60gb to the slim without it updating the slim? ( someone said yes but everything on the 60gb will be erased)

    Also is it possible to restore everything back to the 60gb after transfer using a old recent backup? Anyone know?

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    You could transfer the files (not games, no PSN Stuff) using the FTP Server to your PC, then do the official transfer.
    Then put it back the same way you got it!

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    Yes - you should be able to transfer all stuff from your old PS3 to the new one using this utility as this was introduced prior 3.15 anyway.

    You should be also able to restore your old PS3 from recent full backup but I can not confirm how it will be with activation of your PSN downloads and DLCs on the new PS3 if it will not connnect online after the transfer although I am afraid the majority of the copied content will remain inactive.

    On other hand - you can try and see