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    [UnAnswered] Question about output signal

    hi all, i've looked and had no luck with this so i was hoping you could help... i use component out on my ps3 to a couple of years old samsung tv that does 1280, now the ps3 does 720p output just fine but when i try 1080i it displays it but it has lots of wierd wave type patterns over the image making it not worth watching (1080p doesn't even give a signal) so anyway i thought that my tv can't handle 1080 anything...

    however my friend brought down his 360 and we tried it and it CAN do 1080i clear as day, so now i am confused, could it be the cables? or is it more to do with the systems? i mean the cables weren't cheap - any thoughts would be great

    ps - if the ps3 is set to 720p (through component) and you take it to a friends who only has a regular tv and composite - how can you make ps3 show up on screen at all? without reattacting it to a HD tv to turn the settings down?

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    your problem must be in your TV, because i also use Monster component cables and on my projector 1080i shows up fairly well (except every once in a while you will see a small streak of color on the screen, usually during gameplay with heavy movement) I couldn't be sure of your second question, but i think the PS3 will autoconfigure if no video output is detected.

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    Your TV is most likely downscaling the 1080i signal to 720p anyway!! You said yourself the TV is 1280, well 1080i is 1920 x 1080.

    Do yourself a favour, use 720p, your TV can accept a 1080i signal but is displaying it at 720p anyway!!