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    [Answered] psn package npdrm.exe question help?


    i didn't found anywhere what i need. so, it is a psn_package_npdrm.exe with the filesize of 614400 bytes. with the previous ones i cannot install pkg for OFW 3.72. i know the limitations of the OFW, but i have an idea (install not from XMB) but i cannot get it work with the previous versions of this file, got error message, it seems that the PS3 cannot validate the .pkg file.

    if anyone could give me this one (megaupload link or something), i would be really happy

    thank you!

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    I checked a few I had onhand here, all seem to be the same size though as follows:

    Size: 594 KB (608,256 bytes)
    Size on Disk: 596 KB (610,304 bytes)
    • psn_package_npdrm.exe
    • make_package_npdrm.exe
    • make_package_npdrm_patched_debug.exe
    • make_package_npdrm_patched_retail.exe

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    anulu82, you cannot install pkg on ofw 3.72 using psn_package_npdrm.exe because this tool gives you fake signed pkg not running on an ofw. In order to do what you have in mind you should have a tool able to sign with 3.72 npdrm keys.
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