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    [Answered] PSN account information changed after power-cut help?

    Hi, yesterday my friend asked me to sign in with his PSN account to download GTA 5 in order to play with him today.

    So, I started downloading when suddenly the power went off, so did my ps3.
    I turned my ps3 (with out restore) after the power turned on went to my friend's PSN account, and it says Email/Password is wrong, I'm knew it wasn't wrong, so I called another friend to try sign in, but no luck in that.

    Any more information I can give, just ask me, Ok?


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    What console? what FW ?

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    Did he change the password...

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    If you only care about getting your friends psn account, then just ask your friend again for it?

    Otherwise if the PS3 had issues, it would have asked you to 'Repair file system' and/or you could restore database in Safe mode as well.