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    [Answered] PS3 YLOD caused by faulty power source help?

    I just spent 10 min opening up 2 PS3's in order to swap power source and I figured I should ask. If no one has ever had a new power source fix ylod then I wont waste my time trying it out in the future. I am not talking about access heat from power source causing ylod. Has anyone ever seen a new power source fix ylod. Thanks

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    YLOD = hardware failure, it could be anything, gpu or cpu needs reflowing or reballing, hdd is damaged, NAND flash is damaged, psu is damaged. You need to experiment by trial and error to figure out the problem, but yes it is possible.

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    Most of the time it is a hardware problem. However it also can be because of a bad flash to the nand chips. I have seen this before. Most of the time if it is a bad power supply it will turn on and then it will go from a green light to turning off. It will not flash lights or beep. If the ylod is there when you have not messed around with the flash on the chips than i would say it is a problem with the cpu on the ps3 not getting a good connection onto the motherboard. thanks