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    Question [Answered] PS3 Themes installation help?

    Hi !! Today I downloaded a few themes. I named the folder on my flash drive PS3 folder dev_hdd0theme.I do not know how to copy them to my PS3. The folder name is probably wrong. Could someone please help me get this done so I can learn how. Thanks.

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    Create a folder on the root of your USB or External HDD & rename to PS3 create another one inside PS3 folder & rename it to THEME not THEMES okay now put your themes here so it would look like this

    PS3/THEME/put your themes here for example PS3/THEME/HitmanAbsolution.p3t the name of the theme doesn't matter even like this :dfgsdfzfgdf.p3t or whether its in CAPS or not but the PS3/THEME folders must be in CAPS now to install it:

    Start your PS3 & connect your USB or EX HDD to it go to Settings then choose themes, the above option is install themes install the theme apply it & voila.

    Dynamic themes are so cool you should try them.