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    [Answered] PS3 Test console (debugging station) help?

    hello, i recently got my hands on a debugging console, it currently stands at 4.41, i am able to sign in to the PSN but that's about it, thats when i change bits in debug settings, don't really know much about it but i want to get custom firmware onto it i.e.. rebug.

    can this be done, if so how, if you need pics or serial numbers ect let me know. much help wpuld be appreciated.

    ps, wanted to start modding ect with it what FW is best for this?

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    you bought a debbuging station to run a cfw on it??? why you just haven't bought a retail unit and put a cfw on it?

    to answer your question, it's possible to run cfw on a debug unit. just downgrade to fw 3.55 and from there you can install a cfw like rebug DEX and so on.

    what things are you going to mod? you will need target manager and debugger to RTM games.

    i wouldn't recommend you to connect to psn, cause they can easily see that you are using a debug unit and 5ony knows who has the permissions to use such a console.

    greets luix
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    I suggest you use The Unknowns CFW.

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    I wouldn't do anything to that poor debug unit. But you don't need to downgrade, since it's a dex. I have 3 of them Two old BC models and a slim. I'd just be careful not to brick it.