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    Question [UnAnswered] PS3 slim psu repair help?

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    hello everyone can some one please post a video or images on how to repair a ps3 slim psu eadp 200db. please help my ps3 is not powering on. when i press the power button it but shows a green light then it turns of a after a few seconds. sometimes it runs for many hours some times it just turns off after 5 mins or some seconds and one more thing my ps3 psu doesn't have the two adjustable variable which are shown on many videos.

    please help me repair it coz i cant afford new ps3 or psu. super thanks in advance

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    You need knowledge and tools to diagnose and repair any PSU. Also you may need to replace a part which will cost you $$. In some cases it's cheaper to buy a new PSU. It really depends on the PSU and whats wrong with it. Adjusting the potentiometers is dangerous and modifying any PSU can permanently damage your motherboard/PCB use caution!!

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    i know the tools but i don't know how to diagnose psu i can get the replacement as they are cheaper here in my home town compare to new psu. thanks for the quick reply DEUSC2D

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    Be very careful. The capacitors in a PSU can have a very high voltage stored in them even hours after unplugging, so I recommend that you simply buy a new one, especially if you have no clue about diagnosing electrical problems by yourself.

    PSUs have no error code, and thus diagnosis of a sketchy part (not a completely failed one) could be tedious, even for an experienced technician. Unless the caps are obviously bulging.

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