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    [Answered] PS3 slim 300GB 4.53 hacking help?

    Hi guys i know that most of you are watching problems as mine thats why i decided to send you before i do something i'm gonna regret I think i know that your reaction is gonna be something like Another one noob that's not getting it etc... I just want a clear explanation:

    I have ps3 slim 300GB 4.53 version... 3-4 Days now i'm trying to input a custom firmware so that i can play games without buying them because like all the other people economic crisis blah blah...

    I tried EVERYTHING!!Downgrade to 3.55, install habib, cobra, Steven and all that... My ps3 cannot get down more than 3.65... I try with the way USB FLASH update via storage media... When it reaches 71% it crushes and says that the data is corrupted.

    So guys please... PLEASE help me.. Can i input a custom firmware if yes please post some instructions and if no just answer me so i stop trying...Thank you..!

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    There are many threads on this topic if you try a search, for example see here: