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    [Answered] PS3 running 3.55 / 4.21 custom firmware help?

    my 4.46 ps3 can't downgrade easily, and I only need CFW ps3 to try and confirm one thing. if you have modded ps3, can you try this homebrew program for me?

    flat_z's Secure File ID Dumper:

    I need to run Secure File ID Dumper on BLUS30736 Soul Calibur 5. the game has been out for a year now, but its save file encryption key is still not available. there are many things that xbox 360 players could do with the game that ps3 can't because it's missing that key.

    if you don't have the game and don't mind lending me a hand, the game is on piratebay ID 7951272


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    ; "SOULCALIBUR V" (thanks to Dasanko)

    source: aldostools BSD