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    [Answered] PS3 RSOD Problem help?

    Hey Guys,

    I've got a PS3 (SLIM CECH-2004a) , but the PS3 isn't updating of loading the XMB.. The only screen I get when pressing the Power On Button is RSOD (Red Screen of Death)

    I don't know what to do.. went into Recovery Mode but all options from 1 to 5 isn't working. Updating my PS3 with a USB isn't working also, he is checking the update, then its is ready to install, but at the 50% or 51% suddenly it is ready to 100% and the PS3 is rebooting, but NO RESULT...

    Bought another HDD put the new HDD in my PS3 but same result. Nothing... The PS3 belongs to my brother and I asked him what the latest firmware was on the PS3 but he doesnt know...

    What can I do.. How can I fix this? Can I fix this?

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    If your firmware is 3.55... you can repair it, i was surfing and found a method for red screen, but it only works with ps3 systems firmwares 3.55