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    thats odd. k, here's what i did. I execute the proxy program, entered my comp's IP which is checked the "PS3 Mode", and pressed "Start", then I go to my PS3 and pick Manual, leave everything as is, chose Use Proxy. then I input the same into it and used port 8080

    thats it! you could check if its working from the PS3proxy log.. it would log several things when you tried accessing the PSstore

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    you know what,i've try just that before it ain't working. but just now, i try to adjust playing around with the ip, it worked! i didn't download full demo yet, but at least i see the download size matching what i want. what i do is copy the ip of the Local Area Connection. and use it as proxy in ps3. walla ^^

    oh wait.. it's not working. i'm using the 3r1c proxy by the way. the download will fail everytime i try to download
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