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    [Answered] ps3 on pc monitor?

    i recently purchased a new monitor "samsung syncmaster 205bw"... i was just wondering if i purchased a ps3 somehow even though its impossible could i get sometype of hdmi-dvi converter and would the quality be decent enough so that i get my moneys worth from the $600 unit

    i understand it wont be as great as a hi-def tv but i have one at home and i just want to know if this will work at my house on campus where i go to college

    yes im cheap and dont think ill be gettin a new monitor ne time soon and also i already know they audio has to be wired through a reciever but at this time im only concerned about the video quality... i know the 360 can do it so im thnkin the ps3 can also

    thnx in advance!!!!

    p.s. the samsung website says that my monitor is hd ready if that helps ne

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    i think it will be possible, since there are hdmi to dvi cables ... and there are many 1080p Tv´s without HDMI, but with DVI.
    The Digital signal is the same, the only thing that change is that HDMI can carry both audio and video on a single cable !!!!

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    You can do it, however that will be video only. If your set is capable of at least 720p then you will see a big improvement over standard def TV. Even if not you will still be able to enjoy the set on an SDTV.

    If you wish to do the HDMI-DVI adapter then you'll have to run the audio out and into a stereo.

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    Yeah it should be totally possible. In fact, thats probably what I plan to do when I first get mine.

    I wouldn't be surprised if later on they sold a vga or dvi adapter as well.