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    Question [Answered] PS3 Patch Blocker v2.3?

    Can anyone direct me to where I can get this? I would really appreciate it.

    Patch Blocker v2.3 the successor from its predecessor v1.0 (Over 9000 Downloads), Based around Modern Warfare 2 - This simple tool allows users to Block patches for ANY game on PS3. This tool is famous for allowing the Modern Warfare 2 -10th Prestige Hack and Modern Warfare 2 - Leaderboard Hack.

    What's New?
    - Faster Connection Times
    - Completely Re-Written from Scratch
    - Multiple 'Block Methods' (As Pictured Above)
    - Method to 'Allow Patches' (So you don't waste time with the PS3's Network Settings)
    - Support for 'HTTP CONNECT'
    - Longer Signed In

    Update v2.3
    - Updated GUI

    Possible Future Updates
    - Currently finding a way to keep the user signed-in.
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    I believe it is from TheUnkn0wn here, but it appears to be a "pay only" application:

    Based on what others have said about it in that thread, it doesn't seem to work well and the author doesn't appear to be giving out the required "keys" for it so I'd be cautious before "buying" it is all.

    For what it's worth, I do notice we have an old version of it here:

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    Yeah I have v1.0. But yeah if he's not giving out the keys, I probably won't buy. Alright thanks for the help, you can close this thread.