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    [UnAnswered] PS3 online on Access Point / Hotspot?

    i will take the PS3 with me on vacation, but there is only an T-Mobile HotSpot there, those kinds of things that are not encrypted but lead you to a page where you have to log on. I have a HotSpot Flatrate for PC, so this won't be a problem. I can easily connect via the PC, but how do i log on via the PS3? Is there any possibility playing online? There isn't really an encryption, so I do not think that the PS3 can handle that sort of thing...

    Would another possible way be to connect the PS3 via LAN to the PC and the PC via WLAN to the HotSpot and then logging in on the PC? What do i have to setup for this?

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    (Excuse my bad English, I am German.)

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    Perhaps you can log on via the ps3 by going to ps3 browser, then from there if it doesn't give you the login page you see on your PC, copy the address from your PC into the ps3 browser then log in that way. I'm assuming your ps3 has WiFi